Monday, February 16, 2015

When Love is not enough...

What do we do when love is not enough? Pray, cry, make promises, seek knowledge, try to make a deal with God ... I have done them all ... I gave birth to this young man, my son, my baby, the love of my life ... He was such an easy pregnancy. My delivery was no pain went shopping and came home. My husband set things up for it was a Sunday Football afternoon when we returned home from the Mall...Just as he got me settled on the couch and for some reason we put a large plastic bag under me ... Now why did we do that I have no pains? I suppose it was just intuition ... I now sooner laid down to watch the game, then my water broke ... Holly Cow ... what timing ... hahaa ... Little by little more water was relieved and still no pain. So I just hung out at home after calling the doctor and explaining just water and no pains ... So she calls us back around 3:00 pm and still nothing ... She had us head for the hospital. By the time I got there and the prep was done and still not pains. So my doctor has this great idea give her an enema! I said, "Why, I feel fine" ... So I had to endure this procedure that WAS NOT needed ... I remember softly being crabby under my breath, well hell not crabby pissed off!  All was done and off to bed I went ... I had to step up on these steps to reach my bed and as I put my foot on the step ... ooowwwwwww my first contraction arrived. It was 5:00 pm ... After it passed I was assisted into my bed by the Nurse. Then the contractions started coming slowly at first but soon intensified. As I laid there breathing I look over at my Coach (my husband) and he was eating my dinner and watching Football ... I am having a baby here did you forget, I said with a pitch in my voice ... "Oh honey you need some ice chips?."  he says ... I immediately started plotting how to get back him. Like maybe take longer then 6 weeks for healing. Remember, no sex during that time. My inner lil sis is plotting for me as I quietly breathed and pushed this little baby into the world. I was hooked up to a machine that keep track of the babies heartbeat. All was fine I could hear my husband, my partner in crime enjoying my Fried chicken dinner and all the trimmings even mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh and, Cherry Pie! Here I am doing all the work after caring around an extra 24 pounds for 9 months. He is oblivious to my plight as he relieves his glee with chicken on his chin at the Football score; as I pant n moan to bring this wee one into the world. All of a sudden a Nurse rushes in the room and yells "roll over now!" I was like ahh what? The babies oxygen is cute off ... My heart began to race as they rolled me on my side, but as soon as that was done my baby's heartbeat went back to normal for delivery ... At 7:40 pm our son entered this world without a hitch. He was beautiful and normal. All his finger n toes in tact. Dear Lord you have blessed us. The moment I spoke to him as they laid his little sticky body on my chest he raised his eyes to meet my voice ... He knew who I was ... Life would never be the same ...


  1. Too bad you couldn't have grabbed hubbys bottom lip and stretched it over his forehead so that he could feel a bit of what you were feeling.

    Thank you for being the gateway into this life for yet another Angel who came to visit this sphere known as Earth.

  2. Feeling this myself. You're a very charming and talented woman. Please... Alexi, please post more here.

    Always angel... You know.

  3. Nice climactic ending, touched with reality.

  4. Alexi, As I read this prayer this New Years Day Thought of You and Your Son..God Bless❤️​
    Arkansas Conference of The United Methodist Church
    Bishop Gary Mueller
    A New Year's Prayer
    As we begin this New Year, I feel my heart – imperfect as it is – filled with Your compassion, joy, generosity and hope. Thank You for this gift that allows me to experience a taste of Your abundant and eternal life right now. So much so, that the only thing I can do is pray; trusting that my imperfect prayer will be made perfect in Your heart.
    I pray all people will experience how Your grace in Jesus Christ fills them to love overflowing.
    I pray for those who are trapped in depression, abusive relationships and addiction.
    I pray for peace for individuals, families, communities, nations and our world.
    I pray for justice for those who are oppressed and struggling just to survive.
    I pray for reconciliation wherever there are broken relationships.
    I pray for spiritual revival among those who love Jesus.
    I pray that Jesus’ followers will reach out and share the Good News of God’s love in the ways people need it most.
    I pray for Your hope to fill every nook and cranny of our world.
    I pray for exactly the grace people need in all the ways they need it exactly when they need it most.
    But most of all, I pray that Your will shall become just as real on earth as it already is in heaven.
    And I pray all of these things praying that I will be able to trust You more and more and more.

  5. My son was born with underdeveloped lungs. I prayed to God for help. He died. That was the last time I talked to the ol Sky Wizard. Happy you have Beautiful children tho. I follow your tweets. Nicentall

  6. I am stunned, emotionally gorged. Speechless, aching all over. Who in the hell are you ? A gift, a treasure an enigma. Oh God !

  7. That was quite a picture you painted about the birth of your child. Did the doctors ever explain why there was no pain? Maybe you were in shock. I had a motorcycle accident and hit my shin against the bumper of a car in front of me. My speed was 45mph and I was hit from behind. I felt no pain in my shin for at least 30 minutes to an hour.