Monday, April 16, 2012

A real person ..

A friend of the male persuasion suggested I write as if I was speaking to a real person, well I thought I was .. Could it be that when I write from my heart and the depth of my soul no one understands or hears me? Maybe we live in such a world that people do not always speak truthfully or honestly about their feelings .. Well I do and it is whom I am ... Life can be jaded if we let it ... I try not to ... I started this Blog to introduce my book about a journey of two people one lonely and one I suppose in the end; just out to get what they could. A lot like real life as I have seen but there are some twist along the way ... So settle in and journey with me and lets see what unfolds .. Sweet dreams!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bonjour my Dahlings .. I apologize for my absence it has been a stressful year .. however my love for writing exceeds my loss of love in life .. I do hope life has been good to you and that your hearts are grateful .. For me I vow to return to my daily Blog and I hope some of you will return to me, for you are loved by me .. I wish you each a marvelous week .. see you soon .. and yes, a lot of stories of my love .. or should I say former love ..