Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I am away traveling so I will resume my Blog in a regular manner upon my return. I wish you each love, success and prosperity in your life. Our lives are so short and fleeting please make the most of it. If you find love do all you can to keep it close to you. If you find your soul mate never let go. Love that person as best you can. True love of family, friends and love of heart is so brief. I wish for you an amazing year filled of wonder and awe ... And if you are lucky enough the grace of God or your higher power will touch your heart .. and move your life in a positive direction .. See it, feel it and enjoy it! Happy New Year all and may the grace of God guide you into the new year..Bisous mon ami

Saturday, December 18, 2010

He called today to wish me a Merry Christmas .. The moment I heard his voice I began to perspire, my hands anyway. My mind went to all the warm and fuzzy places the holidays takes it to. Why when two people were so perfect for one another did it crash and burn? The links of life are so strong, so why is it so easily broken? Am I the only one left on this planet that still believes in love, fidelity and integrity? And thought Julia Childs was amazing? I can't tell you how many times I have watched that movie.People just can't be so egotistical and selfish in life, or are they? You give them unconditional love and you are made to look needy, what a stupid thought that is! You know exactly what you are doing for this person as you give of yourself so how can that be broken down to be needy? Most men would not know love if it came and sit down on their laps, they would probably ask, "What'd you want?" It's been eight months so why can't I forget. I go about my life as normal, but the moment I hear from here I go back to before we broke up. Geez I need some wine.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When we love we forget how brief life is. It makes use feel as if the feeling will last forever. For some it does, however for most in our day and age it does not. Love is more fleeting than life. I believed him and my heart sat on each word off his beautiful lips. It scares me that people can lie so easily in the name of love. Each time a heart breaks so does the spirit. Once you break the spirit in a life, the light in their eyes dims as well. And people ask, "Where is love?" Love is something we must care for and nurture always, the same as our bodies.