Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think of you in my moments of travel, and I wonder if that is my heart feeling you so near to me ... As I go to all the places we had planned to go see together ... Maybe not, could it just be my spirit drifting where my heart wishes to be ... Oh but I forgot you are not the man I thought you to be. When did you change, and why?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving before Blog skin ..

Well as crazy as it seems, I have been trying with the assistance of 4 people to get my Blog skin applied before moving on, however I am so far behind my deadline that I say be damned with it!! I will not give up on personalizing my Blog to reflect whom I am, I will just proceed until that fete is accomplished. So I will begin our journey into the lives of others before us. We are living in a world where people reach out to one another in the name of love and promises, only to use and abuse and leave when "they" have all they need ... protesting in the name of love. Life in the real or the Internet has become a frightening place. I will introduce you to some whom have experienced these situations in their lives. Life is an amazing thing as long as we percieve it and use it for the good. Our world is so polluted already, I mean do we need more? What better place to win the battle then the human heart and spirit ..