Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Waiting for a miracle ..

When I began this Blog it was to promote a book I wrote two (2) years ago. But life kept getting in the way, I tried very hard to understand why? Well, my youngest contacted an extremely rare blood infection, there have been on 10 reported cases according to UCLA. So I got my answer, I was needed as a Mother even though he had grown and left home. During this struggle his wife and partner of ten (10) years she left him and took their eleven (11) year old son. He has almost died 4 times now and has learned to live in the hospital for all this time. So now the focus of my Blog has changed from my book to my son's survival, nothing else matters at this time. I hope you will follow us as we journey down this path. I will begin the Blog from now and I hope you find it interesting and give more education for on this infection. It is out there in our air, however they are saying now that the other nine (9) patients had received tattoos. It still astonishes me that there is such things in our air we breath. So may I wish you all a marvelous day and I look forward to hearing from all of as we travel along.